Lorentz. Slow down, capre diem

Swedish rapper Lorentz – live in Europe with his slow and sad downtempo

This clear young face belongs to the 19-year Swedish rapper Lorentz Johannes Alexander Berger, performing under the alias “Lorentz”. He was born in Stockholm. Soon Lorentz will visit the European capitals, and you should know that during his brief but turbulent career this delicate creature has managed to release three albums, arrange a tour, sing a contract with an US label, destroy at least one hotel room and be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Quite rich biography- and even richer texts that Lorentz pronounces in a deliberately impersonal and anemic voice against a background of ambient and downtempo, – promise an interesting meeting. During the concert, Lorentz will present his new album that must be released this year. It may not be a great discovery, but if Lorentz manages that, it might become the concert of the famous celebrity at the beginning of his career.

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