Cloud Rap: 15 artists who did the trick

Cloud Rap is a recently new sub-genre of rap, whose distinctive feature are calm, slow and so- called “cloud” instrumental parties, accompanied by the life-affirming, entertaining lyrics without any semantic contents.

The musical accompaniment consists of 140-150 bits per second (which reminds of trap) and often wordless vocals on one long note that gives special sounding to the composition. The artists promoting “cloud rap” on the world stage, use the elements of ambient and dim in their songs, and the bit is usually based on the web-sounding of 808 drum machines and percussions, characteristic for the southern hip-hop.

The musicians performing “cloud rap” don’t want to immerse their audience into the serious thinking. They prefer to address the topics that are close and understandable to everyone — smoking pot, wasting money, expensive cars and other material aspects of life. At that, the artists don’t seek (at least at the initial stage that interests us) to the commercial production, and spread their works via the web by posting their mix-tapes online. This process allows such artists to gain some recognition and, in turn, develops the genre.

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