Lorentz got out of school at the age of 16, because the boy was tired of it and was preparing a single in cooperation with his sibling Sakarias. His mum and dad did everything possible to convince him to study a bit more. Nevertheless, they were very supportive. Now the musician regrets his decision and wants to study again — just for himself.

When he was a kid, Lorentz wanted to become a famous football player. Recently, he was going to run for a president of America. However, later he realized that the president of US must be the native American.

Lorentz believes he has his cheerful character and unpredictable nature from his mother, and his father taught him self-confidence.

Lorentz nearly drowned at the age of five. Lorentz is afraid of height.


Another subtlety in the matter of light is the choice of the right dress with a neckline. Sometimes the outfit opens the charms so much, that in the incision you can freely consider the halos of the nip-s. Sometimes it can play a cruel joke with the stars, as well as another type of outfit that does not include underwear. In tight dresses in Greek style, the chest and strives to jump out of some celebs outside – what photographers use immediately. Look and you at thefappeningtop.com.

Lorentz and fashion

The musician is a real fashion lover. He created his own model of ring in collaboration with the jewelry designer Karin Larsson. The rings that got got the name “Lorentz-ringen” were heart-shaped. One may note it in the clip “Visa mig vägen”. For this album, Lorentz also cooperated with Adidas on the creative shoe designs for each song, and worked with Behnaz Aram to invent the clothing designs that united high fashion and street style. In addition, Lorentz designed the Aplace’s spring/summer 2015 men collection, and then created his own perfume called “Acqua di Losó” in December 2016. Moreover, he told he wanted to become a Gucci ambassador.

In 2012, the singer told his year included only “work” and “studio.” In 2014, Lorentz answered “life.”

Starting his career, the musician invented his own “rap language” named “Lorentzska”. The main feature of this language is that it includes many diphthongs. Its as and os must be pronounced as “au” (for instance, boss > bauss).